so, tomorrow morning i’ll post something new, busy day today

Aries: has no chill
Taurus: has too much chill
Gemini: needs to shut the fuck up
Cancer: won't stop crying
Leo: keeps checking the mirror
Virgo: talks while you listen to your fave song ????
Libra: wears too much makeup
Scorpio: has a boner
Sagittarius: probably snorts paprika for fun
Capricorn: cleans too much or not enough
Aquarius: ditches babies
Pisces: needs rehab


dalish inquisitor throwing random elven words into their reports to fuck with their advisors. one of them goes to Solas to get a translation and he looks over it a minute and starts laughing. advisor asks him what he’s laughing at, and solas tells them it isn’t even elvish, it’s just random gibberish with elven accents thrown in. 


girls don’t want boys girls want D.gray man to start serialization again


Do you think the Inquisitor uses their fade hand as a flashlight? 

mm imma draw something now

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